Mike Higdon | January 2017 of 365 Reno
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January 2017
Ilford Delta 3200

I waited until January to use this high-sensitivity black and white film.

I never quite embraced black and white like so many other seasoned photographer. But before putting this film in the camera, I over researched how to think in black and white. I tried to imagine each scene in monochrome before pressing the shutter.

Turns out I love all of these photos — the rich contrast, the indoors, the night time.

I think it paid off.
January 1.jpgJanuary 2.jpgJanuary 3.jpgJanuary 4.jpgJanuary 5.jpgJanuary 6.jpgJanuary 7.jpgJanuary 8.jpgJanuary 9.jpgJanuary 10.jpgJanuary 11.jpgJanuary 12.jpgJanuary 13.jpgJanuary 13-Discard.jpgJanuary 14.jpgJanuary 15.jpgJanuary 16.jpgJanuary 16-Discard.jpgJanuary 17.jpgJanuary 18-Discard.jpg

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