Mike Higdon | July 2016 of 365 Reno

July 2016
Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400

Many photographers post one photo per day on Instagram or Tumblr for a whole year. Usually they start in January. Most times they do it to force themselves out of a creative rut.

I pretty much started mine for the same reasons. But after posting once a day on Instagram for a month, I realized I was taking up to 12 photos then stressing over which one to post. That seemed to defeat the purpose.

In this project, my wife helped me create boundaries. Using film, I could only use one roll of 36 per month or risk running out of shots. It forced me to pay attention.
July 1.jpgJuly 2.jpgJuly 3-Discard.jpgJuly 3.jpgJuly 4.jpgJuly 5.jpgJuly 6.jpgJuly 7.jpgJuly 8.jpgJuly 9.jpgJuly 10-Discard.jpgJuly 10.jpgJuly 11.jpgJuly 11-2.jpgJuly 12.jpgJuly 13.jpgJuly 14.jpgJuly 15.jpgJuly 16.jpgJuly 17.jpg