Mike Higdon | March 2017 of 365 Reno

March 2017
Kodak Ultra Max 400

March was hard. I’ll start with the punchline: We didn’t get the house (March 11, 22 and 27).

The house hunt consumed me and made photography a painful chore.

I wanted desperately to be done with the project. Even when I made good photos, I hated them in the moment.

I considered skipping days.

But I didn’t.

Not every day received a caption either; some are left intentionally blank.
March 1.jpgMarch 2.jpgMarch 3.jpgMarch 4.jpgMarch 5-Discard.jpgMarch 5.jpgMarch 6.jpgMarch 7.jpgMarch 8.jpgMarch 9.jpgMarch 10.jpgMarch 11March 12March 14March 13.jpgMarch 18.jpgMarch 16.jpgMarch 15.jpgMarch 17.jpgMarch 19.jpg