Mike Higdon | June 2017 of 365 Reno

June 2017
Kodak Portra 400


This was the most exciting month for me. I planned portraits with 30 people. Some people had definitive ideas for how they wanted to look, others required conversation and self exploration. Some photos took a few minutes while others took 90 minutes of hiking or an hour of set up for one picture. Some people I knew very well and others I only just met that day.

This is what I love to do and an exceptionally strong end to an entire year.

The struggle finally ended June 30.
June 1.jpgJune 2.jpgJune 3.jpgJune 4.jpgJune 5.jpgJune 6.jpgJune 7-Discard.jpgJune 7.jpgJune 8.jpgJune 9-Discard.jpgJune 9.jpgJune 10.jpgJune 11.jpgJune 12.jpgJune 13.jpgJune 14.jpgJune 15.jpgJune 16-Discard.jpgJune 16.jpgJune 17.jpg