Mike Higdon | April 2017 of 365 Reno

April 2017
Lomography F2 400

To revive my inspiration, I put another requirement on April. I shot from West Fourth Street to East Fourth Street, choosing a new block each day.

Many of the photos can be filed under “here’s a photo of something stupid because I almost got my ass kicked by some serious looking dudes with meth mouth,” so, I encourage you to read captions on the images that look strangely out of place. (Hint: the phone booth is a good one.)

Some photos in this month also have no caption because, well, I didn’t want to. So, stop judging me.
April 1.jpgApril 2.jpgApril 3.jpgApril 4.jpgApril 5.jpgApril 6.jpgApril 7.jpgApril 8.jpgApril 9.jpgApril 10April 10-Discard.jpgApril 11April 12April 13April 14-Discard.jpgApril 14.jpgApril 15.jpgApril 16.jpgApril 17.jpgApril 18.jpg