Mike Higdon | October 2016 of 365 Reno

October 2016
Kodak Ultra Max 400

Usually, I can take a handful of photos, keep the ones I like and trash the rest and no one would ever know.

But now, if a photo sucks, it sucks for everyone to see. Right here, in this gallery. On these walls.

Knowing that forced me to focus harder…

Besides, bad photos makes the good ones stand out more. And maybe they’re just bad to me. Maybe I’m just too picky. What do you think?

It’s all garbage, isn’t it? Just tell me. I can take it.
October 1.jpgOctober 1-Discard.jpgOctober 2.jpgOctober 3.jpgOctober 4-Discard.jpgOctober 4.jpgOctober 5.jpgOctober 6.jpgOctober 7.jpgOctober 8.jpgOctober 9-Discard.jpgOctober 9.jpgOctober 10.jpgOctober 11.jpgOctober 12.jpgOctober 13.jpgOctober 13-Discard.jpgOctober 14-Discard.jpgOctober 14.jpgOctober 15.jpg