Mike Higdon | August 2016 of 365 Reno

August 2016
Kodak Portra 800

You can tell from the captions that I was very much separating myself from subjects. I treated the photos like a photojournalist would: distant, objective, descriptive.

But! I saw scenes, people, shapes and colors I overlooked before.

I learned how to take photos and use a camera all over again.

August may be one of my favorite months because it forced me to open my eyes.
August 4.jpgAugust 2.jpgAugust 3.jpgAugust 5.jpgAugust 4-DIscard.jpgAugust 6-Discard.jpgAugust 6.jpgAugust 1.jpgAugust 7.jpgAugust 9.jpgAugust 8.jpgAugust 10.jpgAugust 10-Discard.jpgAugust 12.jpgAugust 11.jpgAugust 13.jpgAugust 14.jpgAugust 14-Discard.jpgAugust 15.jpgAugust 16.jpg