Mike Higdon | September 2016 of 365 Reno

September 2016
Kodak ColorPlus 200

The early discovery period was great. I saw photos everywhere. Every scene held possibilities.

Before the project, I had stopped taking photos for fun because every photos I wanted to take seemed boring and mundane.

But in September, mundane life experiences became interesting photos ­— both out of sheer panic that I might miss a day and also because it made me enjoy my surroundings again.
September 1.jpgSeptember 2.jpgSeptember 3.jpgSeptember 4.jpgSeptember 5.jpgSeptember 6.jpgSeptember 7.jpgSeptember 8.jpgSeptember 9.jpgSeptember 10.jpgSeptember 11.jpgSeptember 12.jpgSeptember 13.jpgSeptember 14.jpgSeptember 15.jpgSeptember 16.jpgSeptember 17.jpgSeptember 18-Discard.jpgSeptember 18.jpgSeptember 19.jpg