Mike Higdon | November 2016 of 365 Reno

November 2016
Kodak Portra 800

I desperately want to be an artist. But, sometimes I think creating art conflicts with my desire to stay true to my subjects and reality.

I think in November I finally realized how to blend photojournalism and art for the first time.

I made myself part of the story. Though I appear in only two photos (Nov. 8 and June 30), I realized I could have an emotional connection with the images. The images can be part of my own life or my own day. The photos don’t always have to be documenting someone or something else.

It’s terrifying.
November 1.jpgNovember 2.jpgNovember 3.jpgNovember 4.jpgNovember 5.jpgNovember 6.jpgNovember 7-Discard.jpgNovember 7.jpgNovember 8.jpgNovember 8-Discard.jpgNovember 10.jpgNovember 10-2.jpgNovember 11.jpgNovember 12.jpgNovember 13-Discard.jpgNovember 13.jpgNovember 14.jpgNovember 15.jpgNovember 16.jpgNovember 16-Discard.jpg